Resources Overview

In Khan Wars There are four economic Resources:

  • Gold;
  • Iron;
  • Wood;
  • Food;

These Resources are used to pay for all Buildings, Units and Upgrades in the game. Economic Resources can be moved from one Castle to another using the Transport March.

Ways to get economic Resources (Gold, Iron, Wood, Food:

  • Mines – Resources are acquired mainly from Mines, Lumberjacks and Farms, there your hard-working subjects produce these vital Resources “the old fashioned way” – by back breaking work.
  • Map quarries - you can get these resources from quarries on the map, that you own.
  • Transport – sometimes merchants are used to Transport Resources from one Castle to another.
  • NPC Exchange – another way to get Resources is to exchange one Resource for another one with ratio 1:1;
  • Steal – these Resources can also be stolen after winning a Battle at an enemy Castle or Camp.
  • There are items that, when equipped, give a bonus to the gaining rate of these resources;
  • One of the possible Daily Rewards is the resource gain of your mine for a few minutes;
  • After unlocking an achievement an award, one of the common rewards is the amount of resources;
  • Production boost – this option temporarily increases the amount of Resources you gain from the mines in your castle.
  • Performing rituals – by using this option you perform Rituals to please the gods, one of the possible awards is a certain amount of Resources.
  • Trading – although this option is used to trade an amount of one Resource for an amount of another, it is possible to trade a smaller amount of the Resource you give for a larger amount of the Resource you receive, thus gaining Resources.

There are two specific resources in Khan Wars: Population and Loyalty.

  • Population is used for training Units. Population is acquired by developing the Dwellings. Every military Unit takes up a certain amount of Population. When a Castle has no free Population Units can’t be trained. Population can be moved from one Castle to another by moving armies using the Transfer march.
  • Loyalty is the trust of the population towards their Castle’s owner. Loyalty determines how far from the Castle a March can be sent. A March can go one hour away (in one direction) for each 1000 points of Loyalty. When the Loyalty of a Castle drops beneath 3001 all Marches sent from the Castle turn back and return to protect it (except for Transfer marches). When the Loyalty of a Castle drops to 0 the Castle can be Conquered, unless it is a Capital.

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