Archer Cavalry


The Archer Cavalry is a fast, long-range, and deadly against Infantry and Archers. This Unit receives bonus from Blacksmith, such as the one received by Archers and gets bonus from the skill ARCHER, but not from the skill CAVALRY. This Unis is appropriate for surprise attacks in combination with other Cavalry Units - Its range and cargo are the easiest way to gain some resources from neighbour's.

Type of unit: Cavalry

Required buildings:

  • Barracks (15th level)
  • Workshop (5th level)
  • Stables (8th level)

Characteristics: Accessible to all Nations


Gold: 200

Population: 5

Iron: 300

Speed: 6

Lumber: 250


Power and health

Power against infantry: 180

Power against cavalry: 220

Power against archers: 200

Power against buildings: 70

Power against siege artillery: 180

Health: 180

Range: 4

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