The bow has been a weapon of great importance since ancient times for Battles. Now it is an absolute must in your Army. The Archers strike down the enemy even before they gets to your Infantry or Cavalry making its task much easier. A lot of time was spent on training the Archers and also in search of the best wood to make bows and arrows. Keep improving the bows, arrows and your Archers’ skills and they will keep shooting further and more accurately as well. Keeping your Archers behind the Infantry and Cavalry will grant them protection and more time to aim at the enemy’s troops.

This Skill gives a bonus to your Archer Units’ Attack.

How the bonus actually works:

A certain percentage is added to the base attack stats of all archer units ( Shortbow, Longbow, Crossbow and Archer Cavalry).The Perisans' special unit - the Kamangir - and the Byzantines' special unit - the Monk - also receive a bonus from this skill.

For example:

The base "attack vs. infantry" stat of the Crossbow archer is 40. If you have developed this skill to Advanced, that stat will be increased by 40% to 56 (40 + 40% = 56). The same applies for all other attack types of each unit.

  • Apprentice: 20%
  • Advanced: 40%
  • Master: 60%

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