Your Army is your main defense but not the only one. A high and strong stone Wall, surrounding your domain, will be a warning to anyone who hasn’t come in peace.

Of course, just a Wall cannot possibly be enough against a 10000-strong army – that’s why you have to have an Army behind the wall.

In the beginning, the Wall isn’t anything special and the enemy can easily go trough it, but if you put enough time and Resources into the Wall, it will truly become a real challenge to your opponents.

Of course, because of irritating obstacles like the Wall, people have invented Siege Machines like the Ballistician or the Ram. In the worst-case scenario, the wall will at least give you enough time to run and hide.

The Wall affects a Battle as follows:

When there is still a Wall, the Attacker’s Units do not separate in a Battle because of the Wall’s great strength. When it is destroyed, everything goes back to normal and Units divide into groups.

Here is a good example of how the Wall works:

If the Wall has 8000 life and you don't have a group of Units that makes so much damage, the damage done by your troops. For example 3500 from Crossbow Archers + 500 damage from Shortbow Archers = 2000 damage is reduced from the Wall's life points and the Wall begins the next round with 4000 life. This means that the Wall will continue making damage until it's destroyed, but also smaller Armies now have a bigger chance of destroying the Wall, which will make Battles in the beginning more suitable for new players.

Some nations have race bonus that brings them 20% stronger wall (blood + attack). Furthermore, the Items of the heroes also influence the statistics of the wall in the battle.

Maximum level: 20

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