Iberians: Falcata Rider


After each battle round each Falcata Rider is capable of recruiting 10 population, of the killed enemy army, on their side. This is limited to 20% of population lost by the enemy for the round or 600 (800) population.

For Example:

You battle an enemy and they lost 1000 population in the round. In this case you may recruit up to 200 population, as this is 20% of the population lost by the enemy.If the enemy has lost 10 000 population and you have enough Falcata Riders , you can recruit up to 600 (800 with special upgrade). In this case you can recruit the maximum amount of population (of 600 or 800 with special upgrade) because it doesn't reach the limit for 20%, which in this case is 2000.

The units recruited are chosen on a random basis, depending on the units the enemy lost. Army can be recruited after each round, regardless of whether you are the defender of attacker.The amount recruited is calculated after each round, depending on the amount of Falcata Rider that survived. The maximum population recruited is increased to 800 when the special upgrade of the unit is developed.

Type of unit: Unique Unit

Required buildings:

  • Order (1st level)

Characteristics: Accessible only to the Iberians.

This unit receives bonuses from the skill Defender and Warrior.

Every Falcata Rider is able to recruit 10 population of the enemy's Population after a round. Maximum Units recruited is 20% of the enemy's losses for the round (or 600-800 Population) - Noblemen and Special Units cannot be recruited.

Gold: 250Population: 10
Iron: 250Speed: 15
Lumber: 150
Food: 100

Power and health
Power against infantry: 100
Power against cavalry: 100
Power against archers: 100
Power against buildings: 10
Power against siege artillery: 100
Health: 500
Range: 1

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