Your hero knows very well how to weaken the Defender when he has a siege around a Castle. With this Skill the Siege Artillery does more damage to the Wall and the Units if it has power against them.

This Skill gives a bonus to the Attack of your Siege Engines.

How the bonus actually works:

A certain percentage is added to the base attack stats of all Siege engine units (Catapult, Ram, Trebuchet and Balistician). The Russians' special unit - the Siege Tower - also receives a bonus from this skill.

For example:

The base "attack vs. infantry" stat of the Catapult is 180. If you have developed this skill to Advanced, that stat will be increased by 20% to 216 (180 + 20% = 216). The same applies for all other attack types of each unit.

  • Apprentice: 10%
  • Advanced: 20%
  • Master: 30%

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