Clan Leader

Every Clan has a Leader who has all permissions needed for its management.

When a player creates a Clan, they become its Leader by default. But if the player is inactive for more than 14 days (20 days if Vacation mode is activated) the player from the Clan with the highest Experience automatically becomes its new Leader. The Leader can also transfer the Leadership to a Clan member they have chosen.

The Leader is allowed to create different ranks and give them to chosen Clan members. Each rank can include some (or all) of the following permissions:

  • To kick Clan members out of the Clan (except the Leader);
  • To create ranks and assign them to other members;
  • To give ranks to other Clan members;
  • To set the Clan's Policy;
  • To edit the Clan info;
  • To accept new members in the Clan;
  • To send mass Messages to all Clan members;
  • To moderate the Clan forum.

The Leader has all these permissions by default. The permissions can be withdrawn only when the Leadership changes.

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