Clan Overview

The Clans in the Khan Wars represent groups of players united by their Clan leader and their strive for victory. The Clan also defines the political relationships between players.

Each player who is at least 3rd level can create a Clan.There is a limit of (20) for Clan members but there must be at least 1 member of the Clan for it to exist at all and at least 2 members in order for it to appear in the Clan Ranking. In the Clan, each player's name is a link to their profile. There is an option for a player to see how much time is left until they are able to join or create a Clan.

Every Clan has a Leader who has all permissions to manage the Clan.

Battles between players from the same Clan give NO EXPERIENCE to any of the players involved.Resources stolen from clan mates and units killed in battles with clan mates don't apply in the weekly rankings.

The Clan chat is an option that allows players to communicate, in real time, with their clan-mates. This is very useful for discussing policies, strategies or coordinated actions. It is available at the "Clan" screen.

Note: Only members of a particular Clan can use the Clan’s chat;

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