By developing this Skill the game will be merciful to you in most cases. This means that in Battle when your enemy strikes, he might miss. If you develop this skill to Master your enemy will miss 15% of your Units of every hit.

This Skill gives a bonus to your units' Luck in Battles.The Luck skill causes a certain percentage of your units to be "lucky" and avoid being hit.

How the skill actually works:

A percentage of your units that are being hit are lucky enough to avoid the hit. This percentage is determined on a random basis. The possible range is between the skill maximum (in %) and the skill maximum minus 5.

For example:

If you have developed this skill to Advanced, between 5 and 10% of the units being hit will avoid the hit. If you have developed it to Master, between 10 and 15%. If you have 100 pikeman and the enemy hits on them, between 10 and 15 units will not get hit, if the skill is master level. The other 85-90 Pikeman get hit as usual.

  • Apprentice: 5%
  • Advanced: 10%
  • Master: 15%

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