A Camping March is the way to create a Camp. Every Camping March needs to have at least 100 Swordsmen and 50 Pikemen, who set-up and work at the Camp. This army becomes “invisible” to the player when the Camp is established and “reappears” when the Camp is recalled. And that's why this army Cannot be sent on Marches from the Camp and therefore it cannot be killed.


  • Each Camping March must contain at least 100 Swordsmen and 50 Pikemen.
  • Every player can set-up 2 Camps (up to 8 with the Camping Skill or Knight Items).
  • Additional Food can’t be sent to a Camp using a Transport March (all the Food at the Camp is sent when sending the March to set-it-up).
  • Camping Marches can’t be sent from Castles with less than 3001 Loyalty.

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