Support is a very important type of a March because by using this option you can help out other players when they are being attacked. Your Armies will fight the Attacker right after he has defeated the player you are Supporting. This way you catch the enemy troops exhausted and in fewer numbers and that can give you an edge in the Battle. It’s like you are taking part in the defense of the Castle but your Army cannot be commanded by the Defender.

Note that the Supporting Army is not added to the Defender’s Army, it fights another Battle altogether, only when the Defender’s Army is killed.

Supporting Armies can always be taken back to their home Castle.


  • You cannot Support members of a Clan that you are at War with.
  • Each player can be supported by only 1 Army at a time per Castle.
  • When a player is part of a Clan, his Clan mates can send him another 5 Supporting Marches, but in the Battle only the first arriving Supporting Army will take part. After it is killed, the next Supporting Armies will take part in the next Battles.
  • Once a Supporting March is sent its Battle formation can’t be changed.
  • Supporting Armies start to consume Food after being at another player’s Castle for 24 hours. They eat at a rate of 1 Food per unit Population per hour. If there isn’t enough Food in the Defender's Castle to feed the Supporting Army all of it dies in a matter of 72 hours (30% in the first day, 20% in the second and the remaining 50% in the third day).
  • A Support march can be sent to an own Castle, another player's Castle and to a map object;


  • Support Marches can be Motivated for Speed.

Food for the support:

When a Support is sent to one of your Castles, after 24 hours it starts eating some of the Food in your Castle – for each Population unit (1 population) you need 1 unit of Food per hour. If the Food in the Castle isn't enough, the Army dies in the next 72 hours.


If there is an Army with 5000 Units, in the first two days 50% of the Units will die and in the third day the remaining 50% will die too. This means that during the first two days 2500 Units will die and in day 3 the other 2500 Units will die too. In day 1: 30% of the 5000 Units (1500 Units) will die, in day 2 - another 20% (1000 Units) and in day 3 - the rest 50% (2500 Units) will die too.

х1 = Day1, х2 = Day2, х3 = Day3

х3 = (х1+х2);

х3 = 50% * units х2 = 20%; х1 = 30%;

The Units die in the following order:

  • Pikemen;
  • Swordsmen;
  • Macemen;
  • Axemen;
  • Shortbowarchers;
  • Longbowarchers;
  • Crossbowarchers;
  • Quickwalkers;
  • Light cavalry;
  • Heavy cavalry;
  • Archer cavalry;
  • Rams;
  • Ballisticians;
  • Catapults;
  • Trebuchets;
  • Special Units;
  • Noblemen.

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