Iron is the basis on which a powerful armies built. Apart from its uses in upgrades it is an obligatory part of the construction of each building. The iron mines of the Germans supply them with 10% more of this resource, which in turn significantly eases the development of many buildings and upgrades.It is vital for every ruler to be able to train an army quickly. The infantry is always on the front line of each battle and training them fast is very important. Germans can easily restore their army because they train infantry 10% faster than other races.The Germans’ cavalry is 10% cheaper which directly affects the amount of resources needed to train a well-balanced army.When transporting resources is vital, this nation has the perk of having merchants that can carry 20% more resources,which can be very important at certain stages of the game. To defend themselves Germans can hide 25% more resources in the shelter. The Germans are a very good nation as they can help you in developing your castles and on the battlefield.

The nation gets the following bonuses:

  • 10% Increased Iron Gaining rate;
  • 10% Faster Infantry Training;
  • 10% Cheaper Cavalry training (including Archer Cavalry);
  • 20% Increased Cargo of Merchants;
  • 25% Faster Special Units Training;
  • 25% Increased Shelter Capacity;

Special Unit: Teutonik Knight

The Germans’ special unit – the Teutonic Night –gives a bonus to the skill Warrior. Furthermore it is an excellent battle unit with very good attacking and defending statistics.

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