Daily Arena

  1. Description

    Daily Arena is a new game feature which purpose is to provide more game-play battle options for the players on a daily basis. It uses the game battle system, but the actual battles have different criteria for population limit and used unit types each day.The most important thing is that the player won't wait for a campaign to reach the target. The battles take place within seconds. The Players use their currently developed skills, knights and upgrades. The army is virtually given, so it has nothing in common with the number of your actual army. When you lose units in the Arena, you won't lose them in the game. The players have to setup their army each day. Based on wins and loses you get a rank, and in the end of the week the winner is decided.

  2. Rules

    The units used in the Daily Arena are virtual (you will not lose any of your trained units). Your in-game progress such as national skills, army upgrades, knight progress and inventory are taken into account. The knight in the arena has separate equipment and is also available all the time, regardless of what missions he attends at the moment. Each player has 3 attacks by default. You can use these 3 attacks all together one after another, but have in mind that in order to receive the chance to attack again, you will need to wait 3 hours.

  3. Battles criteria

    The battles have different criteria each day that specifies:

    • The total population that can be used to create battle formation.
    • A limit for the maximum used population over one army class type.
    • One to three units are banned and cannot be used.

    The criteria for the day (Today’s Criteria) is valid for 23 hours starting from 7:00 CET in the morning until 6:00 CET in the next morning.

    The next day criteria (Tomorrow’s Criteria) are announced at 19:00 CET each day, and applies at 7:00 CET in the morning of the next day.

  4. Battle Formations

    You can update any of your battle formations as much as you like. You can setup battle formation for the next day only after the Tomorrow’s Criteria are announced. Players that have not set a formation for the day will receive a system generated one.

  5. Rating calculation

    When you win a battle as Attacker:

    • If the losing player has higher than your rating – his rating becomes yours plus 8 points.
    • If the losing player has lower than your rating you receive plus 8 rating points.

    When you win a battle as Defender you receive plus 8 rating points. When a player loses a battle his rating is lowered by 4 points.

  6. Ranking

    The players that participate in the Daily Arena climb a ranking ladder based on their rating, where the player with the highest rating is at the first place. Each start of a new week (6:30 CET on Mondays) the first 10 players of Daily Arena Ranking receive a medal and the first three receive coins award.

  7. Rewards

    Just like the weekly rankings, the Arena will also rewards the best players. The first 3 players will receive Coins as a reward and the players from 4th to 10th place will be awarded with medals.

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