Transport marches

Transport Marches are used to move economic Resources (Gold, Iron, Wood and Food) from one player’s Castle to another player’s Castle or between one player’s different Castles. This type of March is performed by merchants, not by Units. This type of March is started from the Market screen, not from the Army screen.The amount of Resources which can be transported depends on the amount of merchants (which depends on the level of the Marketplace) and on the amount every merchant can Transport (which depends on the level of the Skill Finance and Race bonus).

This type of March can be recalled before it reaches its target. There is an additional “Don’t unload” option, when it is active the merchants will reach their destination and turn back without unloading the Resources, no matter if the destination is a Castle owned by the player sending the March or another player. This can be very useful, since the Resources traveling in such a March are safe and can’t be stolen by Attackers.

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