Messages allow a player to send and receive different types of Messages.

The types are:

  • Personal Messages - here you can view Messages sent from other players.
  • Admin Messages - here you can find Messages related to new levels, level progress, expiration of Paid Options and other useful information. Some admin Messages can't be deleted.
  • Battle Reports - here you receive the Reports after a Battle. If you click on the "Reply" button you can forward a report to another player.
  • Market/Clan/Marriage Messages - these are Messages that are to do with offers, marriages and Clan related activity.
  • Arrived Marches - in this section you receive information about Marches which have arrived and about the amount of Resources they've brought.
  • Spy Messages - this is the place where you find out how a Spying mission has gone, and the information gathered (if any).

There are a few ways to send a Message:

  • Go to the Messages Menu and click the “Write a new Message” button.
  • Click on a player’s Castle on the Map and then click on the “Send Message” button.
  • When viewing a player’s profile, there is a “Send Message” button.

It is possible to send Messages to multiple players at once. This is done by entering more than one name in the recipient field and dividing the players' names with semicolons (;).

When replying to a Message, every player can see the Message they are replying to, just above the panel where the new Message is to be written.

A player can delete Messages in a few ways:

  • Single Message - this is done by pressing the "delete" button in the Message itself.
  • Multiple Messages - to this you have to check the check boxes next to the label "mark" in each Message you want deleted and then click on the "delete selected" button at the bottom of the page.
  • All Messages in a category - in every category, at the bottom of the page there is a "delete all Messages of this category" button. By pressing it you remove all Messages in the current category.

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