VIP Account

Becoming a VIP user allows you to use a few additional options that would save you time. There is an option for automatically renewing the VIP subscription. You can find it in the "VIP" menu > "Activate auto renewal". By pressing the button, you'll get your subscription automatically renewed when it expires, of course, in case you have enough Coins.

There are the following VIP packages:

  • 100 Coins for 10 days;
  • 250 Coins for 25 days + 5 days bonus;
  • 450 Coins for 70 days + 20 days bonus;
  • 750 Coins for 120 days + 60 days bonus.

VIP user subscription bonuses:

  • New menu "Complex search", where you can easily find your victims, by specifying coordinates range and experience range.
  • News are kept for 72 hours instead of 24.
  • You can scroll the news menu instead of just being able to see the first page for any given section.
  • You can see when a user has been online for the last time.
  • When an Attack has been sent to you, you will see a notification on every page.
  • You can use the advanced filter at the Market.
  • You have a "Player overview"menu which shows you generalized information about all of your Castles.
  • The Building queue allows you to develop up to 4 Buildings at the same time (instead of 2 buildings).
  • The Upgrades queue allows you to start up to 4 Upgrade processes at the same time (instead of 2 upgrade processes).
  • The trainings queue allows you to start up to 10 training processes at the same time (5 for non-VIP players).
  • You can perform up to 5 Rituals per day (3 for Non-VIP users).
  • You can save up to 20 Battle reports (5 Battle reports for Non-VIP users).

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