Map Overview

The Map represents a coordinate system(x; y)which is 200x200 squares in size (total of 40 000 squares which is the number of players the game can support) where you can see the exact position of all objects in the world of Khan Wars. There are coordinates with obstacles (forests, lakes and mountains) where a Castle cannot be created and a Camping March cannot be sent. Note that the obstacles do not affect the units’ speed rate during Marches in any way.Using the Map is the best way to find your victims and the coordinates which could give you some additional Resources. You have information about the Castles around you via the mini map - this preview shows a larger area and you can see all Castles in different colors which help you to easily find your victims and real enemies and protects you from attacking, your Clan co-members or players you have declared Peace policy. You can see more players situated on the Map and give information about their status (Vacation mode, Protection mode, Ban, players you can and cannot attack, etc.)

  • Coordinates of the Castle;
  • Name of the Castle’s owner;
  • Experience and Level (in brackets) of the Castle’s owner;
  • When the player was last online (available for VIP users only);
  • The Clan which the player belongs to (if there is such);

By clicking on a Castle on the Map a window offering a few options for acting appears:

  • Send message – the player can send a personal Message to the other player. This option redirects to the Messages section;
  • View profile – the player can view the profile of the other player.
  • Send Campaign – the player can send a Campaign to the other player.
  • Trade – the player can send Resources to the other player. This option redirects to the Marketplace.
  • Add to coordinates stack – the player can add this coordinates as a target in a Multiple-target march.
  • View Ranking - you can check this user's current position in the individual ranking.

You have the option to search for a player by their coordinates. This option saves your time when you know the target's coordinates and don't want to scroll the whole Map until you find them.Calculation of the distance between two points is absolutely precise which means that every time you send the same units to the same target, they will take the same shortest way and walk for the same time.

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