It has the form of a house with a big massive Trunk hanging on chains or ropes in the middle. By swinging it and hitting the Wall, the 4 members of the Unit try to damage the opponent's Wall.

The Ram doesn’t do damage to the Units, but has great attack vs the Wall, which is the most important defence building for every ruler. Fast elimination of the Wall is the key for winning an every battle.

Type of unit: Siege artillery

Required buildings:

  • Workshop (1st level)

Characteristics: Accessible to all Nations


Gold: 250

Population: 5

Iron: 500

Speed: 25

Lumber: 750

Food: 250

Power and health

Power against infantry: 0

Power against cavalry: 0

Power against archers: 0

Power against buildings: 180

Power against siege artillery: 0

Health: 200

Range: 1

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