Food is a very important Resource. No one can do their assignment properly if they are hungry like a wolf and the only thing on their mind is a fine meal. That’s why you have to take good care of your subjects and provide enough Food for them. That’s why the Farm is an absolute must in your Castle.It isn’t a separated Building, but a whole complex. That is because you need a lot of Buildings to store, to process, to bake, etc. At first the only thing Farms produce is bread but soon enough the population gets sick of eating the same thing each and every day. As a result you build the next levels of the farm – then you start looking after cattle and other animals to provide meat, milk, eggs etc. That means additional buildings for the new productions.

Upgrading the farm is not in any way cheap, which of course doesn’t concern you; just like what is produced in it, because you are the ruler, not a farm manager. You just provide the Resources and make sure that everything goes the way it should.

Maximum level: 30

Required Buildings: None

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