A Camp is a temporary home for your Armies. At every spot on the Map where there is no Castle object or obstacle a Camp can be established. Buildings can’t be constructed at a Camp.

A Camp is created by sending a Camping March. Every Camping march needs to have at least 100 Swordsmen and 50 Pikemen, who set-up and work at the Camp. This Army becomes “invisible” to the player when the Camp is established and “reappears” when the Camp is recalled. And that's why this army cannot be sent on Marches from the Camp and therefore it cannot be killed.

Once the Camp has been established you can Transfer your army in the Camp using the Transfer march. You are allowed to start Marches from the Camp and your enemy is allowed to send Marches to your Camp.

You can send your Knight on a Camp to lead your armies.

Marches that can be started from Camps are:

  • Attack;
  • Spy;
  • Multiple-Target;

When a March has been started from the Camp it can travel as much as 5 hours in one direction. Your Camp can be Attacked by other players, but you can't send an Attack with Noblemen to active player's Castles from your Camp.

Food Requirements:

A Camp requires 1 food for every Population unit per hour (resource must be in the Camp). Food is taken once every 10 minutes at the 8th, 18th, 28th, 38th, 48th and 58th minute of every hour. If there is not enough food, soldiers start dying randomly every 10 minutes at a rate of 20% per hour. Food can only be sent to Camps with the setting-up of the Camp. This means that a player can’t send a Transport march with additional Food to their Camps.

Note: In some game worlds a Camp consumes Food while the player is banned, while in others it doesn't. When in automatic Vacation followed a ban, Camps require food.

Duration, return and overpopulation:

Although Camps could be returned to the main Castle at any time, even if there are pending Attacks against them, they have a maximum duration of 120 hours. After the 120 hours the Army returns automatically to the home Castle. When there are Units from different Castles and the Camp is dismantled the Resources left are divided at random between the Units. If there are more Resources in the Camp than the Army can carry, the Resources that can't be taken are left on the Map for Clean-up. A Camp’s Population is counted as Working Population at the Army’s home Castle. If there is Overpopulation in the Castle, the Army starts dying . 5% of the Overpopulation dies randomly, until the Population gets back to a normal level.


  • A March can travel up to 5 hours away from the Camp.
  • Every player can set-up 2 Camps (up to 8 with the Camping skill).
  • Additional Food can’t be sent to a Camp using a Transport march (all the food at the Camp is sent when sending the march to set-it-up).
  • The Knight can be sent to camp only with the march establishing it.
  • Camping Marches can’t be sent from Castles with less than 3001 Loyalty.
  • If the home Castle’s Loyalty drops under 3001 while there is an active Camp any existing Camp (sent from that particular Castle) is recalled automatically.
  • A Camp’s Population counts as Population of the home Castle, of the Army.
  • When you’re in Overpopulation in the Camp and accordingly in the Castle, it was sent from, you will receive the Overpopulation window in the Camp as well.
  • Player can't go on Vacation mode, while having Camps or Support Marches.
  • From a Camp, Attacks with Noblemen can only be sent to inactive players’ Castles.

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