Knight Statistics

Each Knight gains levels, independently from the level of the account. The Prestige is gained by completing missions and from battles, in which the Knight participated.Knights gain attribute points every time they gain a prestige level. Those points can be used to increase one of the following attributes up to 30 points each:

  • Power - this is the stat that increases damage done to all types of units except wall. The amount of damage can be increased by equipping items. Each point distributed increases power by 3%. Power also increases by a fixed amount with every prestige level gained.
  • Vitality - this is the stats that increases the knight's health points. Each point distributed increases maximum health points by 3%. Health points also increase by a fixed amount with every prestige level gained.
  • Mobility - Each point distributed increases army march speed by 0.2% and mission travel speed by 1%
  • Stamina - knights loose stamina points when they are on missions. Each point distributed increases maximum stamina points by 8

These attribute points can be reassigned if you are not satisfied with the way you distributed them for 10 coins per point.

There are 2 very important statistics that players need to watch over constantly:

  • Health points - lost when the knight participates in battles. 5% of maximum health points are replenished every hour, however, knights lose 15% of max health points + 0.001 per population lost after every battle. If knight's health points reach 0 he is considered mortally wounded and player needs to pay resources and wait a short time or pay 3 coins per knight level and get the knight healed instantly. Mortally wounded knights do not give bonuses ti the cities they rule.For example: if your Knight looses a battle, in which they lead an army of 50 000 population. The Knights health will fall by 65% (15% for entering the battle and 50% for the lost population - 50 000 * 0.001);
  • Stamina points - knights lose stamina points when they attend missions;

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