Heavy Cavalry


The Heavy Cavalry is one of the strongest Units in the game. With its Heavy armour, long pike and sword made of steel, the Heavy Cavalry is a real 'nightmare' for all classes of Units. This Unit is obligatory for every ruler, because it garantees excellent protection from non-friendly neighbours, as well as perfect stats in offensive marches.

The Unit’s flaw is its price, the Population it takes (6), and of course, the time to train.

Type of unit: Cavalry

Required buildings:

  • Stables (12th level)
  • Blacksmith (15th level)

Characteristics: Accessible to all Nations


Gold: 300

Population: 6

Iron: 250

Speed: 7

Lumber: 100

Food: 100

Power and health

Power against infantry: 250

Power against cavalry: 150

Power against archers: 250

Power against buildings: 0

Power against siege artillery: 250

Health: 500

Range: 1

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