Knight Items

Knights aquire items from missions and achievements. There are 5 types of items depending on the item slot they can be equipped on:

  • Head;
  • Chest;
  • Main hand;
  • Off-Hand;
  • Consumables.

Please have in mind that Items can be equipped/unequipped on the Knights only if they are in the Castle. Since the Knight leave the Castle on a mission, march, transfer or it is dead, all slots are locked.

Each item can have between 1 and 3 bonuses;

Here is a list of the different bonus types that can be incorporated into one item:

  • 1) Increased Random Unit Cargo;
  • 2) Increased Random Unit Health Points;
  • 3) Decreased Opponent Random Unit Health Points;
  • 4) Increased Random Unit Attack Against all type of Units;
  • 5) Decreased Opponent Random Unit Attack Against all type of Units;
  • 6) Bonuses adding to the effect of Skills;
  • 7) Bonuses reducing the effect of the enemy's skills;
  • 8) Bonuses associated with Knight stats;
  • 9) Consumables and others;

Furthermore, the higher the knight's prestige level is the better items he will find. Please note that the only way to find items is trough missions.

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