The long sharp tipped pike is an ideal weapon for the beginning of every battle. The length of the weapon gives it an advantage over the enemy’s cavalry. That's why the pikeman is the only Infantry Unit that has range 2 in Battle.

The odd thing about the Pikeman is that they require more lumber for their armaments, but can also carry a bit more booty.

Type of unit: Infantry

Required buildings:

  • Barracks (5th level)
  • Blacksmith (3th level)

Characteristics: Accessible to all Nations


Gold: 30

Population: 1

Iron: 30

Speed: 10

Wood: 50

Food: 15

Power and health

Power against infantry: 20

Power against cavalry: 60

Power against archers: 40

Power against buildings: 10

Power against siege artillery: 20

Health: 40

Range: 2

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