Respecialise Hero Stat

This option allows you to redistribute the stat points of your Knight. There could come a time when the points that you distributed on a certain stat, at the beginning of the round, could become obsolete and it would be better to place it on another stat. For that reason, for the price of 10 Credits you can "remove" a point from a certain stat and use it on another one.

For example:

If you have 6 points on the stat Mobility, but you no longer desire to take advantage of this bonus, and want to use the points on the Power stat you can do it for a price of 60 Credits.


Please note, that when you use this option, all points from the certain stat will be removed. For example, if you have 8 points on Mobility and want to use them elsewhere, you have to redistribute all 8; you can't do it only for a part of the points.

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