Every ruler suffers the pain of an Attack, and hence the loss of Resources. These Attacks usually take place when your Army isn’t in your Castle to protect your Resources. The problem is you can’t always carry your Resources with you to protect them. That’s why Shelters are so important.Shelters are hidden underground storage rooms. They are hidden so well that even you wouldn’t find them if you didn’t know where they were. That’s why your enemy never finds them. You can’t hide all your Resources but a little is better than nothing.So it’s better to build bigger Shelters by upgrading their level, so that you can hide more Resources.

There is an option that allows you to double your Shelter's capacity for a period of 7 days.

Although the Shelter hides Resources, some Nations have learned to steal even from the there. Mongols, Lithuanians and Franks are able to steal 25% of the Resources in the Shelter, of course other 3 nations have ability to hide 25% more resources in Shelter ( Germans, Britons, Byzantines);

Maximum level: 20

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