Khanwars is a MMO game, which is free to play. However there are a couple of Paid services, to make the user feel more comfortable and eliminate some time barriers. Our aim is to try to keep the Paid options in the game as little as possible, so we won't give the Premium users a serious advantage.

In the Premium menu you can find more information about the Paid services in the game. To pay for a service you need COINS. Coins are the game currency in Khanwars, which can be bought via credit/ debit card using PAYPAL (for example). To buy Coins go to the Coins menu, select the Coins package that fits your needs and choose the payment method that suits you best.

By purchasing Coins you support our team with the necessary resources that help us to keep working hard on the game and be able to assure better playing environment for you and also make some of the long delayed changes in the game-play and work on the project as a whole.

IMPORTANT:If you have any problems regarding purchasing Coins, you can contact our Support team.

You can get free Coins through some of our partners’ websites. All you have to do is to choose a partner’s website and complete tasks, take part in surveys or just make a registration. See what our partners offer, choose what you want to take part in, and get free Coins.

IMPORTANT: XS-Software is NOT responsible for the customer support of these methods. This means that in case you don’t receive your Coins from the free payment methods, you must not contact our payment support, but the one of each free payment method.

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