Iron is a valuable resource, especially in the early stages of development of a castle. At a later stage in the game this resource is used especially for training archers and siege engines. Persians gain 10% more Iron, from their buildings, which gives them an advantage throughout the game. Archers are a must when attacking a castle. Training them is an expensive and lengthy process. Persians don’t have this problem because they train archers 10% cheaper than other nations. The Persians are also capable of training Siege Engines 10% faster than other nations.They also can send 20% more marches than other nations.A wall can be a serious obstacle, standing in the way between you and victory. To deal with it, Persians do 20% more damage when attacking a Wall.

The nation gets the following bonuses:

  • 10% Increased Iron Gaining rate;
  • 10% Cheaper Archer training;
  • 10% Faster Siege engine training;
  • 20% More Marchers;
  • 20% More Damage Against Wall;

Special Unit: Kamangir

The Persians’ special unit is the Kamangir. It has very good statistics and gives a bonus to the skill Archer.

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