Knight in Camp

A knight can only be sent to a Camp, with the campaign that settles the camp. The knight is returned either when the entire Camp is returned or if the "recall" button is used to return the Knight only. When this is done the time needed to return should be the same as the time needed for the campaign that settled the camp.

While the knight is at the camp, the bonuses from the knight’s items are not applied to the Castle. While the knight is at a camp, they can’t be sent on a mission. A knight can’t be reassigned to another castle, while they are at a camp. When a knight is at a camp, and the loyalty, of the castle they were sent from, falls under 3001 the knight should “teleport” back to the castle along with the army. When the knight is at a camp, they can’t use Resource chests, as the knight is not at the castle.

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