The Cavalry was the tank of the Middle Ages. Its primary objective is to defeat the Infantry as fast as possible and then to slaughter the Archers that are killing their Army. Realizing that the Cavalry is the most important Unit on the battlefield, your hero starts reorganizing his battle strategy giving the Cavalry more room so they can move faster and do more damage.

This Skill gives a bonus to your Cavalry Units’ Attack.

How the bonus actually works:

A certain percentage is added to the base attack stats of all cavalry units (Light Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry and Quickwalker, not Archer Cavalry). The Lituanian's special unit - the War Lord - also receives a bonus from this skill.

For example:

The base "attack vs. infantry" stat of the Light Cavalry is 180. If you have developed this skill to Master, that stat will be increased by 40% to 252 (180 + 40%*180 = 252). The same applies for all other attack types of each unit.

  • Apprentice: 10%
  • Advanced: 25%
  • Master: 40%

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