Sometimes a Castle might be a problem for a ruler rather than a source of power. That is why every player has the option to Abandon their Castle. A Castle can’t be Abandoned if it’s the only one the player owns.

To Abandon a Castle the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • The Castle must not be the Capital of the player;
  • The Castle must have 10 000 Loyalty;

A Castle can't be abandoned if:

  • There are active marches of the following types on route to the castle: support, transportation of market offer, transfer;
  • there are any marches, still on route to the target, sent form the castle (if they have reached the target and are returning the castle can be abandoned).
  • there are active camps or supports sent from the castle.When a Castle is Abandoned, all of its Buildings above level 5 are reduced to level 5. The people of the Abandoned Castle get so disgruntled that they start to tear down their own Buildings.

Note that Abandoned Castles remain on the Map and they are available for Conquering. To Abandon a Castle go to the Options/Game play options/Abandoning;

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