Unit Upgrades

Upgrades are improvements that enhance the capabilities of Units. The Upgrades are done at the Blacksmith,cost Resources and take time to finish. The level of the Blacksmith defines the maximum level for Upgrade, i.e. a higher level Blacksmith allows you to Upgrade your Units to a higher level.

For example:

A level 5 Blacksmith can Upgrade Units up to level 5.

When you want to upgrade your Special Units, you must develop your Order to its 4th level.

Here is a table showing how much the attack of Units increases with each offensive Upgrade level.

Unit TypeRegular Max. Upgrade LevelVs. InfantryVs. ArchersVs. CavalryVs. Machines
Siege Machines10+15%+15%+15%+15%
Nation-specific unit10+5%+5%+5%+5%

Here is a table showing how much the Life of Units increases with each defensive Upgrade level.

Unit TypeRegular Upgrade LevelIncrease in Life
Siege Machines10+5%
Nation-specific unit10+5%

Units of each type can be upgared one more level. Players can choose if they want this additional upgarde to be for attack or defense, but not both. It is called a Veteran upgrade and has the following characteristics:

  • The Veteran upgrades are available only for units which have been upgraded to their maximum level. ( 10 attack/10 defence );
  • Then you should decide which aspect of your units you want to improve - their attack or their defence;
  • A Veteran upgrade grants the same bonus as a unit's normal upgrade in the respective field.

IMPORTANT: Note that only one of the 2 Veteran upgrades can be applied to each unit type, so choose carefully which ones you will apply and to which units.

  • There are two ways to pay for a Veteran upgrade, with resources or with Coins, it is important to note that when paying with Coins the upgrade process is completed much faster than paying with Resources and waiting longer for the upgrade to complete.

  • When a nation-specific unit is developed to level 10 for both attack and defense, a special upgrade can be developed. It doesn't give a bonus to attack or defense but it improves the special ability if the unit.

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