Restore Army

You have the option to Restore a part of the Army you have lost as defender in a Battle which has happened in the past 48 hours. This is possible through the Castle where you can hire the type of the Units you have lost.

Note: This is the only option that can be used by paying with Resources, Coins or Stars (the price in Resources is the doubled amount of Resources you need for training the selected Units).

Player's levelCoin's PriceStar's PriceArmy
1-6 double resource25 Coins4 Stars80% (up to 400 population)
7-12 double resource50 Coins8 Stars70% (up to 1000 population)
13-18 double resource100 Coins17 Stars60% (up to 2000 population)
19-36 double resource200 Coins35 Stars 50% (up to 4500 population)

Note that you must have lost your Units as a Defender in the Battle in order to be able to Restore your Army. All loss records are deleted when this option is used or when the Castle is overtaken.

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