Marches Overview

Marches represent your connection and interaction with the other players in Khan Wars. Sending your Army on a March is the best way for you to gain more Resources, to realize your military operations or just to settle the economical relationships between you and the other rulers which will contribute to the development of a stable Castle.

In the world of Khan Wars there are 10 types of Marches which differ in their purpose:

  • Attack - sending an Army to enemy's Castle with the purpose of stealing Resources, destroying the Army of the enemy or Conquering the Castle.
  • Patrol - sending an Army on a trip out of the Castle or a Camp with the purpose to keep the Army safe away from enemy attacks.
  • Spy - sending an Army to enemy's Castle, Camp or mine object with the purpose of getting information about the Resources, Buildings' levels, Population, Upgrades and Support (if any) in it.
  • Support - sending an Army to a Castle, Camp or map object with the purpose of helping a player to defeat the attacker.
  • Settle March - With this march you can create a new city on empty map coordinates.
  • Transport - a March performed by merchants instead of Units, used to move Resources between a player's Castles or from one player's Castle to another's.
  • Trading - a March performed by merchants instead of units, used to facilitate Resource exchange deals between players.
  • Camping - sending an Army to blank coordinates with the purpose of setting up a Camp.
  • Multiple-target - sending an Army to more than one target without returning to the home Castle between the different missions, the purpose is to save time.
  • Transfer - sending an Army to any of the player's Castles, Camps or map objects with the purpose of it being stationed there.
  • Transport without unloading - a March performed by merchants that will reach their destination and turn back without unloading the Resources, no matter if the destination is a Castle owned by the player sending the March or another player. This can be very useful, since the Resources traveling in such a March are safe and can’t be stolen by Attackers.

Choose the March type, its destination and its duration depending on your strategy plan. By advancing the Conqueror skill and developing the level of the Castle building, which allow you to send more Attacks and Supports.

Every March has the following parameters which are determined by the player upon sending the March:

  • Content - this is the combination of type and number of Units you send;
  • Formation - this is the order of your Units in which they will reach the target and are going to enter Battle;
  • Type - this is the March's purpose and mission;
  • Target - this are the coordinates your Units have to reach;
  • Tempo - this parameter determines if the army is to travel as fast as it can or it will take it slow. The speed of the Army is defined by the speed of the slowest Unit in its contents and it defines the duration of the March. The maximum tempo by default for every March is called Lightning fast. This tempo could be decreased (for increasing the duration) by selecting some of the other tempo options from the drop-down list, or it could be increased (for decreasing the duration) by using Speed motivation.
  • Duration - this is the time needed for your Army to reach its target and then return to your Castle. The duration depends on the Tempo set at the start of the March, the distance and Motivation.
  • Cargo - this is the total amount of Resources the Army could carry. The cargo depends on the Carry weight of each Unit in the Army.

Every March has a distance limit which is measured in travel time at 100% speed. The limit is dependent on the Loyalty of the Castle from where the March has been sent. For every 1000 points of Loyalty the distance is 1 hour travel time, in one direction only. This means that if a Castle has a Loyalty of 10 000, any march sent from the Castle can go 10 hours away.


The rules described above are correct except for the Settle march !

In the list of active Marches you can see the details regarding the parameters of your Marches described above.

You are able to see where the Marches are going, how much time is left and also you can see the amount of Resources the army carries, the content of the Army in the March and the name of the formation in which the Army is.

When sending a March, to the right of the destination coordinates field, there is a drop-down-menu, where all of your Castles are listed with their coordinates and names. This is used for convenience when sending troops, Resources or Support to any of your Castles.


Players that use the same IP cannot send Marches to one another.

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