Transfer Marches are used to transport Army from one of your Castles to another, to your Camp or map object (note that you cannot send Transfer Marches to other player's Castles). Meaning that this type of March goes in one direction only and when the destination is reached the Army stays there.

The March is sent from the “Army” menu and it is not visible to players who don’t have more than one Castle, a Camp or a map object to send to.

Note: Transfer Marches don’t return if the Loyalty of the Castle they have been sent from drops below 3000.

Note: Units in Transfer March don’t disappear if the Castle they have been sent from is Abandoned.


  • This type of March can only be sent between a players’ own Castles (the player has to own more than one Castle), from a Castle to a Camp (the player has to own at least one Camp) or from Castle to a map object (you must own at least one).
  • Transfer Marches can’t be launched from a Camp.
  • The maximum amount of Army that can be Transferred is equal to the Free Population in the destination Castle. If a player tries to send a Transfer March containing more Population than the available Free Population at the destination Castle (or Camp) an error message appears saying that the March can’t be sent (and why). This message also shows what is the maximum Population that can be sent to the particular coordinates.
  • Resources can’t be carried on Transfer marches.
  • Transfer Marches can’t be part of a Multiple-target march.


Transfer Marches can be Motivated for Speed only.

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