Gold Mine

The Gold mine is your primary source of one of the key Resources - Gold. Nothing is free and no one can sit and work for free just because you have no money to pay. That is why it is so important - here you obtain the needed Gold. You send a couple of hundreds of your subjects to the mine to work and hire a few more to look over the others (otherwise it’s very possible that your miners don’t find any gold at all). And there you have it – a secure source of Gold, which means a stable economy. The upgrades on the mine are practically new tunnels in which new miners work. The new tunnels, though, go deeper and deeper so you need more Resources to strengthen the walls. After all, you wouldn’t like it if you’ve just dug a new tunnel and it falls apart burying your miners along with it. Of course, it will all pay back in time, no matter how much you’ve invested in the mine, as long as you are alive to see it.

Maximum level: 30

Required Buildings: None

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