Wealth is a great thing but we’re sure that you wouldn’t like it if one of your neighbours occasionally rounds up your Resources and takes them over to his warehouses. That’s why you need your wealth to be protected, therefore you need an Army. Your soldiers in their shiny armors and their swords are a good message to everybody who thinks that they can just come over and take your Resources. Though having an Army requires training, which happens in the Barracks.

There your peasants are taught to use weapons and are turned into infantry and archery soldiers. Here only the simplest Units are trained– you don’t really expect your Noblemen to be trained along with peasants, do you? Without an Army you don’t stand a chance and it would be just a matter of time till someone takes over your Castle completely. This makes the Barracks one of the most important Buildings in your Castle.

Upgrading it, provides better training conditions for your future soldiers and is very important. A good ruler would note that. A bad one can also notice it but most likely it will be too late for them to save their kingdom.You can decrease the time needed for training Units in Barracks by developing this Building.

The decrease uses the following formula:

TT = (10*BT)/(L+10)


  • TT - time for training
  • BT - base time
  • L - level

With the upper levels of the Barracks you will be able to choose the option to train Units faster. When starting training you can choose:

  • х1 your battle Units will be trained according to the level of Barracks.
  • х2 your battle Units will be trained two times faster and their price in resources will raise by 200%.
  • х3 your battle Units will be trained three times faster and their price in resources will raise by 400%.

Maximum level: 25

Required Buildings:

  • Blacksmith (1st level)
  • Marketplace (2nd level)

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