Battle Units

Battle Units are perhaps the most important thing in the game, because without them you can neither Attack you enemies, nor Defend your Castle.

There are several types of Battle Units which are trained in different Buildings in your Castle:

  • Infantry – trained at the Barracks;
  • Archers – trained at the Barracks;
  • Cavalry - trained at the Stables;
  • Siege machines – constructed at the Workshop;
  • Special units – trained at the Order;

But the Buildings themselves are not enough for Units to be trained. Two more things are required:

  • Resources - as every Unit costs Resources;
  • Free Population;

Units can be made stronger by applying Upgrades. This is done at the Blacksmith. Each Unit can be Upgraded for attack and for defense and the Special units can also be Upgraded for their bonuses.

Units are the essence of your Army. No Units, no Army, no glory.

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