Your hero was well taught in reading and writing at an early age and also has basic knowledge in Maths, Economics and Finances. That allows him to organize the peasants that work in the Mines and in the fields much better and by that gain more Resources.This is a basic economic skill that improves your overall economic status.

This Skill increases your Resource gaining rate and the speed and cargo of your merchants.


This Skill does not add bonuses to the Resource gaining rate, when the Resource gaining buildings are not constructed (i.e. their level is 0). In order to get the bonus for more Resource income, you must develop your Resource gaining Buildings to at least 1st level.

How the bonus actually works:

A certain percentage is added to the amount of resources you gain from your mines.

For example:

A Farm at level 10 gives the player 131 Food per hour. If you have developed this skill to Advanced this amount will be increased by 10% to 144 (131 + 10% = 144). The same applies, for all other resource gaining buildings and all their levels.

  • Apprentice: 5%; the speed is 9 and the cargo of each merchant is 2000;
  • Advanced: 10%; the speed is 7 and the cargo of each merchant is 4000;
  • Master: 20%; the speed is 5 and the cargo of each merchant is 6000;

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