Game Rules

I. Common topics

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1. Registrations

At its current state, "Khan Wars" is a cross-platform game that can be accessed through web browsers and mobile devices. The registration in the game is free of charge on the condition to agree with the rules described below.

2. Additional platforms

The corporate website of the company, the website of the game alongside its official social media channels are the only official source of news and information about the game. Any form of violations to the game rules in the above-mentioned platforms could lead to in-game punishments.

3. Virtual currencies and services

It is not possible to transfer any kind of virtual currencies (coins, stars, subscriptions, boosters etc.) from one game world to another or between different accounts and games published by XS Software. In the case in which a World in Khan Wars is permanently closed, players that had accounts in that World have exactly 6 calendar months to contact the game support, in order to retrieve their coins to an account in an active World.

4. Accounts

Every person has the right to have only 1 account in one playing World.

5. Game

Khan Wars is a round based game and each world has a certain duration of its round. Once the round is over, we take the final rankings and restart the world. Everybody starts from the beginning in the new round.

ІІ. Restrictions and Punishments

1. Multi-accounting

1.1. Multi-accounting happens when one user creates and/or uses more than one registration and account. This is strictly forbidden and will be punished without warning. The punishment applies for all accounts, no matter the stage of their development. If the game administration determines other actions as malicious and/or of nature that impedes fair play – the case will be considered as an infringement. Every login to the account, every IP address, every session and any or all browser information are stored (to the extent that is allowed by the law). It is not recommended for anyone to give the account to another person as this is a severe breach in security. Anyone doing this takes responsibility for anything that comes as a result of the exchange

2. Bugs and system breaches

A Bug is considered a weakness or mistake in the game’s script that allows a player to improve his conditions in a forbidden by the game’s rules way and/or in a way that troubles the game’s servers or staff and/or the software to do what it is supposed to.

2.1. If players find a bug in the game, they are obligated to inform the administration of it. The users are to be punished if they don’t inform the administration and take advantage of the bug.

2.2. If players abuse a reported but not fixed bug, they may be punished if the administration decides so.

2.3. If players find a way to breach the system’s defences and to intentionally cause problems with the work of the system, their accounts will be punished.

3. Blackmail and insults

All kinds of blackmail, insults or threats (physical, not virtual), that are sent to players can lead to the administrative punishment. If a player insults you, sends you inappropriate messages, links, advertisements, or you just don’t want to receive any messages from that user for whatever reason, you can take advantage of the “Ignore” option with the “Ignore” button. After adding a player to your “Ignore list”, that person won’t have the option to message you anymore. If at any point in time you decide that you want to receive messages from an ignored player again, you can remove that person from your list of ignored users.

4. Punishments

Here is the list of violations that will be punished but are not listed above:

4.1. Blackmailing and threatening a member of the game’s staff with the intent of receiving privileges and/or advantage in the game;

4.2. Attempts at acquiring in any way, shape or form of confidential information of other players, like their password or different kinds of codes that are supposed to be inaccessible.

4.3. Uncensored and insulting nicknames - Players with insulting nicknames will have their accounts permanently closed as the nickname cannot be changed. In such cases players are entitled ONLY to a transfer of the credits they bought, to a new account, without any other benefits, progress or subscription options;

4.4. Insults or threats to the game’s staff or other players, no matter the time, place and way. The game’s staff keeps the right to act in its own way without explaining to any 3rd person;

4.5. Posting hidden links;

5. Advertising

All kinds of unauthorized adverts are forbidden, no matter if they are in text form or in form of a banner, link, image, avatar, etc.

6. Battles, purposed to artificially raise players experience.

Battles purposed to artificially raise players experience (such battles are analysed by administrators or programmers) will result in punishment. Both sides that participate in such battles will be punished without a warning. The illegally gained experience will be removed from both accounts. The administration can decide to remove more experience than was illegally gained, in accordance with the company rules. Since, it is very difficult to define when a player illegally gains experience all cases in which the administration decides that this is the case will be treated as a violation of this rule.

7. Chargeback

Chargebacks are the action of requesting the funds back after purchasing an in-game service. Chargebacks are interpreted as a desire to no longer participate in the game. As a result the account will be blocked permanently without any warning.

8. Unmentioned cases

The game administrators are allowed to punish players, in cases that are not mentioned here, as long as the administrator decides that the player’s actions are breaking the rules of fair-play and are giving the player an unfair advantage over other players.

ІІІ. Reporting

1. Player reporting

Player reporting of any kind of violation is done in the Feedback system;

If a report is proved fake, made with the objective of punishing an enemy, the player that has posted the report is to be punished.

2. Reporting of staff members

If players have doubts about the work of a staff member, they can request a thorough check on the member. Such a request is to be sent at:

ІV. Addition

1. Checking of administration decisions

The actions of a administrator, can only be changed after a unanimous decision of the game team.

2. Compensations

If a player is a victim of a game or staff error, he is to receive compensation according to the administrator decision.

If a player requests a compensation that is different from the one that the administrator decided upon, their request will be turned down..

3. Objections

Every unexplained objection of the game’s rules can lead to one of the upper punishments.

4. Remark

The staff is not obligated to give explanations about their decisions. Questions about banned accounts or blocked access, are to be sent to the Feedback system. Insulting language or multiple requests for comments after one has already been received will not be tolerated. Information may only be provided to the users in question and not to a third party.

V. Contributions

Payment to the company XS Software JSCo, no matter if it is made through an SMS or in any other way for services in the game “Khan Wars”, is in no way to be given back or compensated. When an account is punished for not following the current rules, the game’s staff is not obligated to move the coins from that account to a new one or to compensate the player in anyway. Any subscription options activated cannot be transferred to another account. Becoming a paying user doesn’t, in any way, give an advantage to the player against the other players and also doesn’t give them the right to request compensations in any kind after the staff has punished them for a proved violation of the rules.

VI. The game Team (staff)

The game Team and staff:

• is not responsible for any damages (no matter if connected with the game in any way) to the user as a result of their participating in the game. • is not responsible for any problems with the machines that support the game or the game itself. • keeps the right to compensate the players that have suffered from actions of the staff. • keeps the right to make corrections and/or changes in the game and all its aspects without warning. • keeps the right to change these rules, previously warning players with a message in the game. • keeps the right to block the access to the game when necessary. That goes for the planned support checks and maintenance, as well as for the accidents

VII. Contacts

The only official form to contact the game’s staff is the Feedback form. Players may expect an answer to their feedback within 48 hours in official working days, as listed in the country of Bulgaria.

VIII. Users

By registering an account Users state that they have read these rules and agree with its content, agree to follow the rules and to take the punishments if the staff decides they are necessary. They obligate themselves to regularly check for changes in the rules. Not being aware of the rules doesn’t excuse those who have broken them. The users take responsibility for their personal information and are not to present it to any members of the staff – current or previous. If such has been presented, the game’s staff is not responsible.

The rights of the game belong to Xs Software JSCo (

The right of this text belongs to XS Software JSCo and its reproduction is forbidden without our written consent.

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