Multiple Тarget Мarches

A Multiple-target March is a March containing more than one destination and mission in it. In such a March the Army doesn’t return to the Castle after completing every single mission, but continues to the next target on another mission.

Non-VIP players can start a Multiple-target March with up to 2 targets, while VIP players can send their Army on a Multiple-target March with up to 5 targets.

When a player is the 2nd, 3th or etc. target of a Multiple-target March they can see the upcoming attack as soon as the army leaves for its first target. The player is allowed to go into Vacation or Protection mode before the March to their Castle has begun.

When there is more than one Attack in the Multiple-target March, each target is considered as a separate and independent March.


  • Multiple-target Marches can contain Attack March.

Spy, Camp, Patrol, Support, Settle and Transfer Marches can’t be a part of a Multiple-target March.

  • Multiple-target Marches can’t contain Noblemen.
  • Two consecutive targets of a Multiple-target March can’t have the same coordinates.
  • When the difference in levels between the Sender and the target becomes bigger than it is allowed, the defender is in protection/vacation mode or banned before the March has reached the target, the March returns to its home Castle.

Travel time:

  • The time it takes for a Multiple-target March to travel between targets is calculated in the same way as any other non-Multiple-target March.
  • When returning a Multiple-target march, while traveling between two of the targets the time for the March to return is equal to the travel time from the last reached target to the Castle + the time that has passed between the leaving of the previous target and the recalling of the March.

For example:

A player has sent a Multiple-target March with 5 targets; the March has reached the 4th target and leaves for the 5th one; after 10 minutes of traveling from target 4 to target 5, the player decides to recall the March. In this case, the time taken to return from the March equals to the time needed for traveling from target 4 to the Castle + 10 minutes that the March has traveled between targets 4 and 5.

Note that when a Multiple-target march, or a part of it, is subject to Speed motivation or speed reduction, the time needed for the Multiple target march to return, from the last target to the home Castle, will not be affected by the Motivation and speed reduction. The return time will be equal to the time the march will need to return if it isn't Motivated and speed is not reduced. The same is true if the player returns the Multiple target march before it reaches its last target.

Note: Speed bonuses gained from Motivation or Special unit of the Mongols “Chengiz Khan Guard” do not apply for the return from a Multiple-target March.


The Motivation of a Multiple-target March is separate for each target in it. Every mission has to be Motivated separately. The allowed Motivation for the Attack mission is Speed Motivation;

To start a Multiple-target March, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Marches menu
  • Select the Units that are to go on the March (no Noblemen allowed)
  • Click “Continue”
  • Determine this particular target’s coordinates, Motivation and Formation and click on “Add March”.
  • Repeat the above step until all desired targets are added or until the maximum allowed number of targets is reached.
  • Click on “Send March”.

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