Arabs: Mujahideen


Merciless, blood-lusty warriors educated in the art of war at a very small age.This unit has excellent battle stats, but takes up a lot of population. This makes using it in large amounts difficult. Nevertheless, this can be compensated by the bonus on the Luck skill, that the unit gives.

Each Mujahedeen adds 0.5% to the Luck skill. The bonus is added at the begging of each round, depending on the amount of Mujahedeen that survived the previous one. Example: If at the beginning of round 1 you have 10 Mujahedeen that are alive, they will give you a bonus of 10 * 0.5 = 5% on the Luck skill.If in this round of battle 4 of them perish, in the next round you will get only a 3% bonus form them, because 6 * 0.5 = 3%. Apart from giving a bonus, the Mujahedeen also increase the maximum bonus that can be acquired, over the limit presented by the skills. The limit becomes 20% and it can be achieved either by a combination of bonus from Skill and units or by units only.


If you have the Luck skill developed to Advanced this brings you 10% on Luck. If you also have at least 20 Mujahedeen that are alive, they will give you an additional 10%. This way the skill bonus reaches the maximum of 20%. Another option might be that you don't want to spend skill points on the Luck skill. In that case you can achieve the maximum with units only. For this purpose you need at least 40 living Mujahedeen to reach the limit of 20% (40 * 0.5 = 20%). After developing the special upgrade of this unit, the limit of the skill Luck is further increased to 22%. This percentage can be achieved by using one of the 2 schemes listed above.Please note that regardless of the amount of surviving Mujahedeen, at the beggining of each round, the bonus for this skill can't exceed the mentioned limit of 20% (22% if the special upgrade of the special unit is developped);


If at the beginning of a round you have 100 surviving Mujahedeen the bonus gained will not be equal to 100 * 0.5 = 50%. The bonus will be limited to the mentioned limit of 20% (22% if the special upgrade of the special unit is developed);

Type of unit: Unique Unit

Required buildings

  • Order (1-st level)

Characteristics: Accessible only to the Arabs.

This unit receives bonuses from the skills Defender and Warrior.


Gold: 100

Population: 10

Iron: 150

Speed: 15

Lumber: 150

Food: 400

Power and health

Power against infantry: 400

Power against cavalry: 200

Power against archers: 400

Power against buildings: 10

Power against siege artillery: 300

Health: 500

Range: 2

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