Peace Policy

The Peace is a bilateral Policy which is offered by the authorized members of one Clan to another and becomes valid from the moment of acceptance.

When two Clans have a Peace Policy towards one another, members of those Clans cannot attack each other. To be in Peace both sides must agree, whereas for Wars it takes only one side to declare a War. The Peace offer stays active for 24 hours or until accepted and its duration is at least 7 days and no more than 56 days.

When the Peace offer is accepted, the two Clans are in Peace for the period selected and the players from the two Clans are not able to attack each other. When there is no selected period of the Policy it continues 1 week and after this period the Peace Policy is valid until one of the Clans cancels it. Canceling Peace does not mean declaring War but allows Clans that have been in Peace to attack each other.

When the application is not responded to, within the 24-hour period, it becomes invalid. When the application is rejected, the sender receives a Message notifying them that the offer has been rejected. The sender however can retract their offer within the 24-hour period.

It is not necessary two Clans to be in a declared War in order to offer Peace to each other.

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