Settle March

With this march you can create a new city on empty map coordinates. All buildings are at level 0 in the newly created city, except for the castle which starts from level 1.

To successfully settle a city you have to comply with the following requirements:

Number of the castleEscorting PopulationRequired Resources
21 nobleman + 20005000 each
31 nobleman + 400010000 each
41 nobleman + 600015000 each
51 nobleman + 800020000 each
61 nobleman + 1000025000 each
72 noblemen + 1200030000 each
82 noblemen + 1400035000 each
92 noblemen + 1600040000 each
102 noblemen + 1800045000 each
112 noblemen + 2000050000 each

The unit types and amounts in the escorting population must be the following:

Type of Escorting UnitsAmount
Shortbow Archer200
Longbow Archer300
Crossbow Archer300
Light Cavlry50
Heavy Cavalry50
Archer Cavalry20

For example:

If you want to settle your fifth castle the escorting population will be 8000, which is equal to 4 times the units displayed above. This means you have to multiply the unit amounts shown above by 4;

In order to successfully settle a castle it is required that the chosen coordinates are free and there are no cities, camps or obstacles there. Furthermore, the players Order must allow them to own another castle.

The maximum duration of a Settle march is 1 hours regardless of speed motivation being used.

The march requires different amount of all resources, escorting population and sending a Nobleman. Both the resources, army and nobleman vanish if the Settle march is successful (the map spot is still empty when the march reaches it). When a city is settled it starts with 3000 Loyalty. Settle march can't be sent from a city with less than 3000 loyalty. If a city's loyalty falls under 3000 and there is a Settle march on route, the march will return instantly to protect the city.

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