Increase Loyalty

By using the "Increase Loyalty" option you increase the Loyalty regeneration rate of the Castle you are in, when activating it. This option is used in all of your Castles separately and its duration is 6 hours.

Note that you can use the option again only when the previous activation has already expired.This option can only be used at castles where the loyalty is less than 10 000.

The option works as follows:

To the loyalty that should be regained without the option, you add the amount of loyalty from the level of the motivation.

For example:

If you have a Castle where the Order is at level 1 and under regular circumstances 250 loyalty is regained. When you use the 70 Credits Loyalty Motivation, 300 is added to the regained loyalty. The loyalty recovered per hour, for the next 6 hours, will become 250 + 300 = 550.

The price of the option differs depending on the amount you want to add to your Castle's Loyalty:

  • 100 loyalty bonus regeneration for 30 Coins
  • 200 loyalty bonus regeneration for 50 Coins
  • 300 loyalty bonus regeneration for 70 Coins

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